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Cryptologic Captain America Online Slot Machine Overview

Cryptologic Captain America is an online slot game inspired by the classic Marvel comic book series. Captain America has recently shot to prominence as a result of the success of several Marvel films. This online slot however draws more inspiration from the original comic book. Cryptologic Captain America has a 5 reel slot setup. Wager…

An Exclusive Guide to Playing at Casino Stars in a Range of Currencies and Languages

Casino gaming fans can play in a range of currencies and languages at Casino Stars, which is an attractive quality in itself. Online gaming is more fun when one understands exactly what is going on, so it is better to play in the language one feels most comfortable in. At present, the Casino Stars site…

A Detailed Look at Online Casino AU Option for Players

It’s all about scratching the itch. People love wagering money with the prospect of winning even more. In Australia the statistics indicate that more than 80% of people participate in the betting game in some way. Australia has proof of this with the country having some of the largest, most efficient and most popular brick and mortar casinos anywhere in the world. This expectation of quality casino services has been transferred to the inevitable online, and then mobile formats.